Your project

Are you thinking of choosing us to construct your wooden dream house? Below you can find more information about the working methods of Suteki-Europe. You can read about the various stages of a collaboration request. Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or to request a quotation. You can also take a look at our photo gallery. We look forward to helping you. 



1. Request for a quotation

  • Request for quotation
    Plans, height, etc.

2. Receipt of the request

  • Confirmation of the request and plans

3. Approximate calculation, estimate of the overall price

4. Receipt of the approximate quotation


  • Acceptance of the quotation
  • Dispatch of plans approved by the architect in order to calculate the total price


  • Drawing of the plans for the wooden structure based on the plans approved by the architect
  • New calculation of the total price


  • Acceptance of the total price
  • Verification of the plans for the wooden structure by the client’s architect
  • Order


  • Receipt of the order
  • Dispatch of sales contract to the client

9. The client accepts the order and signs the sales contract

10. Start of production and delivery to the construction location


  • Delivery of the elements at the construction location
  • Start of construction